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  • Them: Why don't you just come out as gay?
  • Me: There's a simple enough reason, and the reason is. Because I'm not..

please reblog if you think guys can be bisexual


my mother doesn’t think they exist and says they’re only embarrased to be fully gay. PROVE HER WRONG

Is this blog still active?

It hasn’t been lately and I am sorry for that.


celeb comes out as bi “despite being married to…”
celeb comes out as bi “however is married to…”
celeb comes out as bi “although is in a relationship with…”




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It’s My 21st birthday!!!


So uh send me presents and love, or ask or share me!! Love you guys!

I love this blog. It's awesome and hot!

Thank you! This blog loves you!!



"Are you still bi? Or are you completely gay now?"

"So do you like guys or girls more?"

"You’re more straight right?"

"It’s ok, you’re bi. That means there’s still hope for you to turn straight and not go to hell."

Let me tell you about being bisexual…

I’ve gotten so many friends from this post omg, I love you guys :)